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From Kratos vs. Kill The Noise to Abzu vs. Aoki and Overwatch vs. Oakenfold, GKM mashes up, remixes, and re-arranges beloved orchestral game themes from the last decade with current club tracks.


Gerard K. Marino (GKM) exploded into the game music scene in 2005 as the principal composer for the original GOD OF WAR series. He further cemented his reputation for larger-than-life thematic orchestral writing with his contributions to LEAGUE OF LEGENDS, DC UNIVERSE ONLINE, and THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN.


His musical journey started in Orlando as a “stack-of-synths” rock/pop/funk/new wave keyboard player, and was tempered by 5 years of DJ-ing thru college. One month out of USC, he was a go-to electronica producer for renown film composers Christopher Lennertz, Christophe Beck, and Christopher Young. This led to collaborations with club icons Paul Oakenfold, Andy Gray, and Carmen Rizzo for SWORDFISH, THE MATRIX RELOADED, and THE AGENCY.


Gerard has now fused his past with his present to synthesize future bass. GKM first appeared in February 2017 with the Stetson Chamber Orchestra, and had his grand debut at the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles during E3 2017. He has since played the Brazilian Independent Game Festival, The INDIECADE Awards Show, FANTOKU in Orlando, FL, the BIGI Festival in Sao Paolo, the Sweden Game Conference in Skövde, and opened the Overwatch League's Battle Of Los Angeles.

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